Who is TravElyse?

TravElyse Cruise & Tours is a privately owned travel agency run by Elyse Simons. She has been in the business for over twenty-five years and has first-hand experience traveling the world. She is dedicated to her clients and is determined to make each and every vacation a dream come true for them. Read on to learn more about her!


I remember when I was in fifth grade, my teacher asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up.  I mumbled "tortoise," but meant to say "stewardess."  I never was a stewardess, but I did become a travel agent.  They are clearly not the same, but do involve traveling to places around the world.  

When I was a teenager, I got my first taste of traveling. I was fortunate enough to attend two separate summer tours for kids my age.  I traveled to the west coast and then the following year, I traveled throughout Europe.  I was hooked.

It wasn't until I was in my early thirties and my children were a bit older, that I decided to go attend Garber Travel School (which no longer exists and has since been replaced with online training).  I learned a lot of geography and how to book airline tickets, hotels and guided tours. I got a job in a small "mom and pop" travel agency in Brookline, MA called "Marks Travel." I learned the ropes from a wonderful woman named Dasha.  This agency closed in the mid nineties, so I began working for "Travel Rite." The owners, the Silber's, were like family to me.  I worked as an independent contractor where I brought my own clientele to the agency. 

During the beginning of this position, I traveled to the Caribbean and Mexico on "fams," or familiarization trips. This is when travel agents are shown different properties and get to experience the location first hand.  Trips like this makes it a lot easier for a travel agent like myself to sell, be knowledgable and have connections.

Unfortunately after 9/11, Travel Rite closed their doors. At this point, I had built up a decent client base and needed to find an agency to work through. That's when I met Al DiVirgilio in Lynn, MA. I worked at his office for several years, all the time continuing to travel the world and broaden my knowledge.

In 2004, I started TravElyse Cruise & Tours.  The rest is history. 

I have worked with my own clients for over thirteen years.  In that time, I have traveled extensively. A few of my favorite adventures have been in British Columbia on the Rocky Mountaineer Train where the scenery was jaw dropping; the Amalfi Coast where I took thirteen clients on guided tours in May 2016; I also thought Singapore and Vietnam were amazing. There are too many places to list, but I am always happy to talk about my adventures!

Today, I have a busy agency that I operate from my home. It is a job I can do anywhere. I am on call for my clients whenever they need me.

I am passionate about selling travel and love to make my clients dreams come true."

-Elyse Simons